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Guildmessage of the Day 
Aspiration is currently looking for a couple of aspiring healers and dps of any class to strengthen our raid team for WoD. Interested? Send us an application!

- Ulvér

Positions Vacant 
Applications are currently welcome from mature players of all classes.  There is no minimum commitment to raiding.

We currently have a high need of Healers and Dps of any class.

For all guild members, we do require that you check this site on a regular basis.


Welcome to Aspiration 

Aspiration is a casual Alliance guild on Kilrogg for mature players who want to play the game and have fun.   If you want to raid, or craft, or just sit in IF singing while naked, there's a place here for you.

As rumours of strange goings on beyond the Dark Portal start to spread across the realm we look back at all the adventures we have had in Azeroth, Outlands, Northrend, the Cataclysm, and of course Pandaria.  We look forward to all that Warlords of Draenor and future expansions bring.  If you want to be part of a friendly atmosphere more like family than a job, then drop us an application and join the party.


Other Guild News

More Hellfire Kills

GingaTek, Jul 21, 15 5:33 AM.
Council to Gorefiend

Hellfire Citadel Kills

GingaTek, Jul 21, 15 5:29 AM.
First 3 - pics a little late....

Blackhand Down - Congrats all.

GingaTek, Jun 12, 15 5:34 PM.
Blackhand down


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Ginga 7/23/2015 10:06 AM
Need a few more for tonight.
kord 7/23/2015 5:16 AM
I agree, a static hunter may as well be a mage or a warlock. Boring...
Acalia 7/22/2015 12:21 PM
MM still top it seems, hate the spec myself, i like to move about when im shooting stuff :)
kord 7/21/2015 7:52 AM
Yeah for hunter buffs to BM and Survival!!!
kord 7/21/2015 4:34 AM
Cheers. He took most the night, but we seemed to get to grips with the mechanics after 3 or 4 wipes. Then it was just about putting a clean kill together
Ginga 7/20/2015 6:53 PM
gratz in gorefiend
kord 7/19/2015 1:14 PM
PC is fixed. New SSD. Hopefully Monday will be all good.
kord 7/16/2015 1:42 PM
PC has taken a dive I'm afraid. Starts but doesn't get to login screen. Tried fix, but think I need the media. Sorry all :(
Ginga 7/16/2015 3:46 AM
internet connection is bollox'd... trying to dangle my phone out the window to get a 4g connection...
Ginga 7/14/2015 4:24 AM
:) don't jinx it....

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