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Zhul'horac and Mannaroth
Sep 13, 15 12:09 PM
Zakuun and Velhari
Sep 13, 15 12:05 PM
More Hellfire Kills
Jul 21, 15 5:33 AM
Hellfire Citadel Kills
Jul 21, 15 5:29 AM
Blackhand Down - Congrats all.
Jun 12, 15 5:34 PM

Guild Master:







Chat Box 
Zendray 10/5/2015 1:40 PM
Still stuck in work and not hopeful of getting away any time soon, apologies, I will be late, if I make it at all (Mon 5th), Have fun
kord 10/2/2015 9:33 AM
I'm going to be AFK for a week I'm afraid. A short holiday beckons. Back next weekend! Good Luck All
Zendray 10/1/2015 2:12 PM
Running late, due in about 10 -15 mins so 20:30 Server time
Weffi 10/1/2015 7:03 AM
seems Archi got hit hard whit the nerfbat yesterday
Anderk 10/1/2015 2:53 AM
Yea, will watch vids so i get the tacs in order. Leeeeerrrrrrooooyyyy!!!!!!
Ulver 10/1/2015 2:22 AM
Tonight Archimonde WILL go down!
kord 9/25/2015 3:45 AM
Zendray 9/24/2015 2:02 PM
A Forum hosting company that forgets to renew its own domain? I fail to understand why you have a lack of confidence Kord!
kord 9/24/2015 3:47 AM
I think that means we should take the next 4 months or so of the current subscription finding a new home, building it, porting as much content as we can and making a move. I have a lack of confidence in Guild Portal.
Ulver 9/24/2015 2:23 AM
annnnnd the website is back up:P

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